1. Live dangerously: Explore sales tax

    Edmonton Journal, June 3, 2014 - by Bob Ascah - After the 2014 budget was tabled, Alberta Finance Minister Doug Horner spoke to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. According to one newspaper report: "Horner said it would be irresponsible not to borrow, given low interest rates, a stellar credit rating, an 11-per-cent return on investment and the prospect of higher building costs in the future." Albertans, including putative PC leadership candidates, should question the wisdom of Horner's comments.

  2. Institute for Public Economics issues 2nd policy paper

    May, 2014 - The Institute for Public Economics has released "Chronic Disease Management and Primary Care in Alberta." This important contribution to the literature on public health is authored by Tapan Chowdhury a Business Visitor at the Institute. The paper explores what needs to be in place to help patients with moderately complex chronic diseases to avoid becoming patients whose conditions are highly complex. Patients with highly complex chronic diseases account for a very high proportion of the costs of Alberta’s health care system.

  3. Unravelling the Complicated State of Alberta's Finances

    Calgary Herald, October 4, 2013 - by Robert Ascah - With Saturday’s economic summit taking place, it is timely to reflect on the major accounting changes adopted in Budget 2013. Here is some background.

  4. A Discussion with Mark Wiseman

    A Discussion with Mark Wiseman, the CEO of the CPP Investment Board: Investing for the Long Term Wednesday, October 2 2:00 - 3:00 pm Edmonton Clinic Health Academy University of Alberta 11405 87 Avenue NW (seating is limited to 250 - no registration required)

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The Institute for Public Economics was formed in the fall of 1996 to promote research and teaching in public economics: the study of the public sector and its influence on the economy and society. The goal of the Institute is to enhance understanding of public policy issues by conducting and disseminating research results through publications, conferences and teaching.

The IPE is housed in the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta which contains Canada's largest group of active researchers in the field of public economics. Most IPE Fellows are members of the Department of Economics, but some Fellows are members of other universities, in government, or with international agencies.

Many IPE Fellows enjoy international reputations and regularly provide policy advice to municipal, provincial, and federal governments, as well as international agencies such as the IMF and the World Bank.

On Feb. 25, 2011 Bob Ascah, IPE Director, appeared on the CBC Program, "Lang and O'Leary Exchange" to talk about the Alberta Budget.  Here is the link to the program


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